replacing a failed turbo is not just about ‘how’ -how do I remove and re-fit a replacement turbo or even ‘what’-what is wrong with the turbo, it is also and arguably the most important, about asking ‘why’-why did the turbo fail ?

failure to ask this question can lead to a very expensive learning curve. the reason that asking ‘why’ is so important, especially where turbochargers are concerned is the fact they rely on the engine being in good working order for its longevity. it is not just a bolt on stand alone component such as an alternator or starter motor, it depends on the engine for lubrication, the integrity of the exhaust gases to drive the impellor and the cleanliness of the intake air feeding the the compressor.

all engines with engine code DV6TED4/DV6UTED have a habit of blocking or restricting not only the turbo oil feed pipe, oil drain pipe and fittings with carbon deposits but also the oil sump pickup strainer, this leads to premature failure due to oil starvation. carbon deposits can be caused by short-distance driving, poor oil/fuel grade, high mileage, incorrect service intervals and a worn engine.

vehicles with the 1. 6 litre peugeot hdi engines include citroen, Peugeot, ford,mazda, mini and Volvo. they are all prone to oil issues as described above.

turbo for 1.6 litre hdi diesel engine
TURBO REPAIRS UK is dedicated to getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.
your turbo can be collected from your chosen address once it is removed.
we will strip the turbo down and assess as to why it failed in the first place thus ensuring it
will not happen again to your returned/repaired turbocharger.