what should I do if my turbocharger fails?

the most important step is to find the cause of the failure, so the same thing does not happen a second time.

there are many types of turbo charger failures and many different causes. if something acted on the turbocharger to cause failure then this must be remedied.

by sending your failed turbo to us , we would analyse and discuss what was found in order to point you in the right direction and get you up and running.

below are other things that should be inspected or carried out. this is not a complete list as some engines have other components that may also need to be checked.

  1. take some time to inspect the air intake and exhaust systems to ensure they are in good condition and free from contaminates.  if your turbo fails catastrophically, parts of the failed turbo can end up in the intake or exhaust only to reappear after the new turbo is fitted.  this will result in damage to the new turbo.
  2. change the oil and filters.  you may need to remove the sump to ensure all the material from the turbocharger failure is cleaned out.  remove and inspect the oil feed pipe and fittings for contaminates. take the opportunity to replace the air filter.
  3. inspect the intercooler.  there may be quantities of oil or parts from the original  failed turbo still lingering in the intercooler.
  4. if the vehicle has a catalytic converter or dpf in the exhaust system these need to be cleaned or replaced to ensure correct operation .
  5. check intake pipes for cracks and degradation.
  6. check for exhaust leaks.
  7. check the e.g.r system for leaks
  • check the air mass sensor (ams) or air flow metre (afm). this is particularly important on systems with a variable geometry turbocharger.                                                                                                                                                                                                            to discuss further you can call us on 01253 933794 or visit our new website www.turborepairs.com