Important Fitting Information (part 1)

So why did your last turbo fail?

It is vital to identify why your last turbo failed, and rectify the fault – otherwise the replacement could fail too.

More than 95% of failures are caused by these 3 turbo killers;

Oil Starvation – can be the result of:

  1. blockages (e.g. carbon deposits, silicon on gaskets, kinked pipes).
  2. leaking pipes.
  3. low oil level, worn oil pump or lack of oil priming when turbo was fitted.

Note: blockages and leaks in the air and exhaust system can change the pressure at the turbo and cause leakage.

Oil Contamination – can be caused by:

  1. fuel, water, swarf or carbon deposits.
  2. overdue oil or filter change.
  3. incorrect oil or poor quality oil or filter.
  4. malfunctioning filter bypass valve.

Foreign Object Damage – can be due to:

  1. leaks in the air intake system.
  2. fragments remaining from the failed turbo.
  3. washers, gasket material, rag particles, etc in the air intake; even a very small object can cause severe damage.

Other Potential Causes of Failure:

  1. prolonged engine idling – can create a vacuum which damages the turbo seals.
  2. hard acceleration from a cold start  Рinsufficient time for oil to protect the turbo bearings.
  3. hot engine shutdown – produces carbon which damages turbo bearings.
  4. exceeding the engine rev limit – will overspeed the turbo beyond the oil’s ability to to protect it, and produce overboost which damages the engine.

The majority of turbo problems are oil-related, so you must check the lubrication system before replacing the turbo, and finally, if your turbo was bought on an outright basis, then make sure you’re fitting the correct turbo.

Accurately identifying the turbo you need saves the time, trouble and expense caused by receiving an incorrect unit. We can usually identify the correct turbo from the vehicles registration number.

However, the most accurate identification is to use the details on the name plate or label of the failed turbo.

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